(A course taught by my teacher Diana Christinson!)

Ashtanga for Beginners

Over the past 25 years of teaching, I've seen students come to the practice for many reasons: back pain, stress, lack of energy, weight loss, or to just feel happier.

Our teacher, Pattahbi Jois says yoga is medicine. It's medicine for our bodies, our minds and our energy.

I stumbled onto this path of yoga, quite unexpectedly in 1987 in Kyoto, Japan. I had no idea how profound and transformative this practice would become in my life. The practice of Ashtanga yoga physically made me stronger than I had ever felt before and gave me physical strength, vibrant energy and peace of mind.

I began teaching Ashtanga because I wanted to give to others what had been such a life changing experience for myself. Life is a mixture of joy and challenge. Practicing Ashtanga helps us get through those challenges with strength and grace. It's the one practice that touches everything else.

Ashtanga yoga is a traditional practice. This lineage was passed down to us by Sri K. Pattahbi Jois who established the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore, India in 1948. Today the institute continues under the instruction of Sharath, Pattahbi Joi's grandson.

I have the honor of being authorized to teach Ashtanga after my many pilgramiges to study with Guruji, which is what we affectionately called him. I've had an Ashtanga yoga shala (school) for 12 years passing the lineage of Ashtanga to thousands of students. Guruji said "yoga is universal" and is for everyone. But, in my many years of teaching I've found that not everyone has access to an authorized teacher and an Ashtanga school. It is my hope that our course will open the doors of Ashtanga to those who may not have otherwise had the opportunity or access to experience this beautiful tradition. "Gu" means light and "ru" means dispeller of darkness. As Guruji has shed light on my path, my great hope is that this course will begin your Ashtanga path and shed light on your life.

"...the mind is the cause of both bondage and liberation. If the mind is sick and sad, the whole body gets sick, and all is finished. So, first you must give medicine to the mind. Mind medicine, that is yoga." 
-Sri K Pattahbi jois

This course is your prescription for vibrant health and energy. Begin your practice, follow our 30-day program and enjoy your vibrant health!


"Diana Christensen is an amazing woman who strives to teach us a quality of practice that focuses not just on the physical practice, but the mind and spirit as well. These skills are relevant on the mat but also outside the studio in our daily practice of life." - Derek Voien (Student)

"Her enthusiasm and love for Ashtanga yoga is very impressive. It's a wonderful gift to watch her light up when she speaks to us about what makes ashtanga as special as it is." - Timea Agnew (Student)

"After many years of practicing several different yoga methods, I found Ashtanga and fell in love with it. Ashtanga took me to another level, physically, spiritually, and mentally. Diana's teaching, guidance, support and dedication to the practice were such an important part of the transformation that I experienced. The practice will always be an important part of my life, and the benefits are endless." - Richard Beatie (Student)

"The principles of breathing, posture, core control, and movement that I've learned through Diana and Pacific Ashtanga have helped me avoid pain and injury even as an active (and aging) triathlete. The challenge of Ashtanga yoga always draws me, as does the way Diana presents it. I can have an active, rigorous and even fun practice while improving my flexibility and range of motion. That affects me off my mat, as I'm still able to do so many athletic things I thought that would be off limits in my 50s." - Dave Kiff (Student)