Our first class!

This is the very first class we uploaded on to YouTube. Duke got a new video camera to film comedy skits and he wanted to try it out, so he asked if we could go to the Shala (Pacific Ashtanga Yoga Shala in Dana Point, CA) so he could film me doing yoga. I didn't even have any idea what I would do! Somehow I decided on an intro to Ashtanga class. Ashtanga yoga is a pretty strong practice so even though this is titled Intro, it's still challenging. I know when I first began practicing yoga in 2000, I started with an intro to Ashtanga. I didn't know what it was...I only knew that I felt like I would die after the first 5 Surya A's and 5 Surya B's. And then it just kept on going. At first, I was excited to get to the seated portion but soon realized that there were a million vinyasa's in between the poses. The reason I kept going was because I can't remember ever feeling calmer or more peaceful than I did when I got to Savasana. And believe me when I tell you...I was neither calm nor peaceful back then. I was a VERY high strung type-A personality with a corporate sales job! Wow...yoga can really change a person. I love it because the practice helps us to find our best selves. I hope that you continue to practice with me and if this class isn't your favorite, try another one...just get on your mat!