Daily Yoga Class: 20 minute Total Body Yoga

This is a basic outline of my daily yoga practice.

Yoga for everyday. A daily yoga practice is the best way to become flexible, build strength, and get momentum for your soul. This class is my daily practice. My practice is not always the same. Sometimes I don't want to do yoga. But getting on your mat to do one sun salutation can be enough. It's better to do 5 minutes of yoga everyday rather than 1 hour of yoga once a week. That's the trick to get into yoga. Hit your mat everyday. Even if you stretch for a short period of time that is okay. Vinyasa flow and hatha yoga means to me a balanced life and body. 

Hatha yoga is an "umbrella term" that includes any yoga practice involving asanas or postures. Most of the yoga practice on our Fightmaster yoga youtube channel would be considered hatha yoga. Vinyasa flow is a type of hatha yoga. Ashtanga yoga is also a type of hatha yoga. My favorite type of practice is hatha yoga. 

When I first began my yoga journey I needed to move a lot physically. Moving a lot in my yoga practice is the only way to keep my mind quiet. Over the years I have found that moving some, coupled with restorative and meditative practices leave me feeling my best. The great thing about yoga is that it teaches us to get in touch with our bodies. So I've learned through practice that somedays I need a vigorous practice. But other days I've learned that less is more.