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11 Day Yoga Alignment Course

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Practicing yoga with bad alignment will lead to injury.


I care about your safety.

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I have Trained hundreds of new yoga teachers.


My number one priority is to keep you safe and allow you to experience the benefits of yoga for a lifetime.

Around The World

Hundreds of yoga students from around the world have completed the 11 day Align course. This is what they are saying.


E. Zackova (5-Star Rating)

"I had doubts at the beginning if this course was worth it. It absolutely is! It helped a lot with my home practice making it safe and more effective. If you do not attend any face-to-face yoga classes with a teacher who can correct your poses, then this course is a must for you!" 


-C. Andersen
(5-Star Rating)

"Each lesson I start, thinking, oh, just a few minutes. Then I am drawn into the lesson, and go further. I'm an intermediate yoga student, and the pacing is perfect. I thought I knew more about my alignment, and am humbled to find I've got a lot to learn, and I'm learning it with Lesley. When Lesley said good-bye and waved, I told her she is wonderful (to the video screen, of course!). That sums up my rating best." 


N. Jansen (5-Star Rating)

"This is a wonderful course if you practice Yoga at home. Poses are taken apart and the how and especially the why of alignment is explained and discussed in a clear way. Sometimes Lesley offers two or more options for (getting into) one pose, which is comfortable and makes you 'listen' to your own body even better. I like the practice video's with voice over. Lesley's timing is excellent." 

How to start Align?

Step 1

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Step 2

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Complete day 1

Watch the first 3 lectures on the foundations of yoga and then take the 30 minute foundations yoga practice.

Step 3


Purchase the complete course

I will be there with you to answer questions. When you complete the course you will have a great understanding of yoga alignment. This course will keep you healthy, strong and safe for a lifetime.


Be confident in your yoga practice.

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