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It’s Not About The Pose!

You don’t have to be perfect


Life gets messy!

Yoga helps. 

Roll out your mat and take a free yoga class now. You'll feel better. I promise. 


I don't just care about yoga. I care about you.

My yoga is safely sequenced with modifications for different body types. It's not about the perfect pose. If you feel a stretch, you're becoming flexible. I've trained hundreds of new teachers through the YogaWorks method. Now I'm you're teacher. You're in good hands. :)


Fightmaster Yogis


Another great practice session!

Lesley, you pack so much into such a short span of time. You make it easy to practice yoga. Your videos are like practicing with a friend. Thank you for all that you do! xoxo

I've found so much more peace within myself and with my body through doing your videos.

 I've come to value all that my body is capable of, rather than how skinny it can be. So thank you, Lesley! 

I simply LOVE you and your videos...

I've been practicing at home for more than six years now, four of them with you. I hardly ever comment here but I'm so grateful that on the other side of this world one amazing woman records her yoga videos!! That's what I'm grateful for today... I began straight away with the 90 days fix and do them on rotation. I never thought I could actually be able to stand in some poses! A big thank you for your kindness, for sharing your videos with us! XOXO from Italy


How To Get Started?

Step 1

Get Your Yoga Mat

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Step 2

Practice Today's Video


Step 3

Feel Great!




Yoga Retreats

When you go on a Fightmaster Yoga retreat you will have a unique experience. You will relax, meet the coolest people in the world, eat great food and return home feeling fantastic in your body from all the yoga.


Retreat Magic

With each retreat a magical connection is made amongst new friends.

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Yoga Teacher Training

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A Life Changing Program

When you practice Fightmaster Yoga. You feel better.


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