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Teacher Training

Be strong, confident, inspired!

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"I can't touch my heels to the ground on downward dog"

Not sure you're good enough?!

Fears and doubts become your biggest assets that benefit your future students.

Every yoga student has something to offer as a teacher.


I want you to be safe

I teach alignment and intelligent sequencing leading to peak pose. I want you to be able to confidently prepare your students for poses in the safest way.

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When I was deciding if I should enroll in YTT I was very concerned with the fact that I couldn't reach my heels to the floor in downward facing dog. It turns out that heels touching the floor isn't ever necessary and in some cases could be limiting the benefits of the pose.


I have led about twenty 200 hour YTT's and have successfully trained all kinds of bodies all ages from all different walks of life.