Yoga Fix 30 - Day 24 - Vinyasa Flow


"Because when we love, we always strive to become better than we are."
-Don Miguel Ruiz

Thank you for taking the time to open and read today's message.  As you continue along your 30 day program and you're strengthening your body and mind, you're also becoming more tuned into all energy. You've been writing in your journal, practicing affirmations, visualizing your awesome life and as a result of everything you're doing, the universe will begin to may have already noticed. If you haven't noticed yet, start to pay a little closer attention. Synchronicity is a concept that was first introduced by Dr. Carl Jung. The idea is that coincidences could have more meaning or connection than we might think. As you're continuing to visualize and send out your intentions, begin to notice what comes back to you. Perhaps you're creating your dream job in your mind and then someone contacts you (seemingly out of the blue) about a position that's in line with what you want. When something like that occurs, be sure to follow up on it!   One way to be open to synchronicity is to relax and let go of trying to control everything. Our affirmation is helpful for that:
"My thinking is peaceful, calm, and centered." 

Additional "homework:" Pay attention to any "hunches" you might have today and for the next few weeks. If the thought of someone pops into your mind that you haven't connected with in a while, give them a call or send a message. If you hear someone talk about a book that sounds interesting to you, pick it up and start reading. If you feel compelled to travel somewhere, try and take that trip. We're always being guided on our path and messages and inspiration comes in many ways. Pay attention and write things down as you receive them. 


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