Yoga For Beginners 30 Day Challenge Day 26

Yoga For Beginners 30 Day Challenge Day 26 is a class that prepares us for headstand. We won't go up into headstand today, but we will have that option on day 30! Inversions are fun and they help us to look at the world from a new perspective. However, if they are brand new to you, they can also be scary, so today we'll work on some of the actions and if you're ready to go up on the last day, you can choose pressure though. Be sure to practice child's pose when our vinyasa flow gets a bit too vigorous. We'll enjoy plenty of standing poses today included ardha chandrasana or half moon pose. We'll also practice sun salutations or surya namaskar and we'll stretch our shoulders. Enjoy your practice and most importantly, breathe! xoxo