Yoga Fix 30 - Day 29 - Vinyasa Flow Hip Openers

Party Tricks!

"Happiness is available. Please help yourself to it."
-Thich Nhat Hanh

Can you believe it's already day 29?!? Where did the time go? I'm so proud of you for being here and continuing to get your yoga fix as well as continuing to read these messages! Today's class includes lots of twists, hip openers and arm balances. It moves quickly so please push the pause button to practice any of the arm balances more. If these poses are difficult for you, you're not alone! These are challenge poses and although they can be fun, they're no measurement of how how good of a person you are! LOL So, remember, if you can't get into the arm balances, it doesn't matter at all...they're good party tricks, but not a measure of how "advanced" your yoga practice is by any means!

Enjoy and practice today's affirmation:
"I live in a loving, abundant, harmonious universe and I am grateful." 

Additional "homework:" Speaking of gratitude, it seems to be a great day to write a gratitude list! Write down at least 10 things that you're grateful for. Then write down 10 more things that you're grateful for that you've been visualizing bringing into your life. When you write them down, make sure to write them in the present tense as if they are already a reality. Our subconscious minds don't know the difference between reality and what we're manifesting, so this is a great way for your dreams to become real! 


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