Yoga Fix 30 - Day 9 - Vinyasa flow for core strength

Let's get this party started!

"Enlightenment, peace and joy will not be granted by someone else. The well is within us."
-Thich Nhat Hahn

Thank you for opening this email!  I'm overjoyed that you're continuing to "feed" your yoga addiction! Not only are are getting stronger and more flexible in your body but your mind is as getting stronger and more flexible too! 

Remember to repeat today's affirmation at least 10 times out loud, in your mind or put your pen to paper and write it down. Here it is:
"It is with love that I totally release the past. I am free. I am love." 

Additional "homework:" In your journal, write down all of the things that you can think of that bring your peace and joy. Include all of the people, places and things that you enjoy.


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